Yoni x Sean

Jasmine, Tess and Yara

Borders at work sean

FCI & ISDS registrated

agility fever from dutch pepper

FCI registrated


About this combination

When Yoni grew up like a beautiful powerfull girl I knew she would be the foundation girl from my kennel. I knew already what type of dog I wanted to breed so I looked around for a great sheepdog. After several options I found a dog who could fix Yoni her weaks and increase her strenghts and so we went to a trial to meet Borders at Work Sean.

Sean is a powerfull dog who is cool in his head and who thinks he can handle the whole world! Sean is having a creative character and is a perfect farmdog.
In combination with Yoni I expect friendly dogs who love to cuddle some time but who are not everybody’s friends directly. Even I expect dogs who are suitable for every kind of dogsports as both parents are perfect build for active sports in the colors : Black/white(tan) and Blue merle(tan).


on 01 December 2014 Yoni gave birth to 3 stunning girls,
1 black/white(mottled)
2 black/white (ghost tricolor’s)


FCI registrated


FCI registrated


FCI registrated