Speaking borders sky



When Anky told us that Kate ( Speaking Borders Kate ) would have a last litter with a stunning male from Austria we decided to take a puppy from that litter even when we planned a litter with our Kilay and Sky her halfbrother Tom. ( also  a Kate child ) 

Sky grew up as and very talented girl in agility and showed already some feeling for herding when we took her for the first time at sheep. Sky is a bit insecure in new situations but on the other side she has a strong personallity when she wants something. In agility Sky showed us a very nice jumping technique and is a very fast learner.

Sky was our hope for the future but the luck was not on our side and Sky started with some signs of Border Collie Collapse since april 2020 but we are not sure if there is another reason for it as the symptomes are also pressent without activity (looks like mental). We went to a specialist and with him we tried to find out what else it could be. Now we did everything what should be worthfull and without any good result. Sky is retired from breeding ofcourse and also from sports as we don’t want to put her in a dangerous situation while doing agility. She went for a month to a friend of mine in Rotterdam without any other dogs. Sky her problems are gone after 2 weeks already and Sky can walk long walks ( 6-8 kilometers ) with alot of activities without any problems, no neurological side affecteds or whatever. We decided for Sky her mental health that it is better to let Sky go and let her with Pepijn. They will find out now together what they can do from sports on a recreativ level!



                    Basic information
Speaking Borders Sky (neutred) Registration number: 
NHSB 3141502
ISDS NL/362268
Date of birth: 26 November 2018 Owner: Pepijn Hamoen & Luc Smeets Breeder: Anky van Gastel Color: Black and white
DNA profile: ISAG2006,
Teeth: All in, scissor
Size: 51cm
Weight: 14,9kg

                    Clinical tests
ED(unofficial): 0/0
OCD(unofficial): 0/0
spine(unofficial) : oke and normal
ECVO Annual eyetest:
Gonioscopia by vet: -

                    DNA tests
DNA TNS: normal
DNA IGS: carrier
DNA SN: carrier
DNA NCL: normal
DNA MDR1: normal
DNA RS: normal
DNA GG: normal
DNA HUU: normal
DNA MC: normal
DNA MH: normal
DNA DM: normal
DNA EAOD: normal

                    DNA coat and color
DNA A-locus: at/at
DNA B-locus: B/B
DNA K-locus: KB/ky
DNA D-locus: D/D
DNA E-locus: E/E
DNA M-locus: m/m (no merle)
DNA coat-lenght: L/l (carries rough)
DNA curly coat: C/C