planned litters

plans can always change!

From time to time we are looking for fosterhomes who are living in the Netherlands or close to the Dutch border. If you think it would be awesome to have a look in the kitchen but not willing to breed by you’re own it would be a great chance to join the ”Of Beyonic Eyes Family”

FCI and ISDS litter planned in 2021/2022

Now Sky ( Speaking Borders Sky ) is growing up as expected we started to make some breeding plans for her, Sky lives in a fosterhome with our dearest friend Susanne Feldermann who started with her in agility. We both agreed that Sky will have first a sport carreer and so we will expect her first puppies around end of 2021 or mid 2022, all depends on how her agility carreer will go, 

We found already a very nice studdog called Dreaming Of You Phantom who is FCI and ISDS registrated, DNA tested and clear for almost all dna tests, the last tests like EAOD are pending. 
Sky is clear for almost all dna tests, only she carries SN and IGS.
Both parents are having A hips and X-rayed for ED/OCD, Sky is also X-rayed for her spine. Phantom his eyes are also clear incl Gonioscopia. Sky her eyes we will do in 2021. 
Phantom is active in agility and Flybal, his first offpring are growing up really nice and some related dogs are showing great sence for sheepherding!

We  are expecting strong working dogs who need their activity in daily life, with a nice character  to other humans and animals, both parents are easy to hold in house and are easy going with the other dogs/breeds in house. If the plans will work out we can expect the following colors : Black and white, Black white and tan, Blue Merle and Blue merle and tan all in smooth or medium coats.

All our pups will be raised in house with a lot of care and are part of my pack, what means the other dogs can have a look as long the mother agrees with it.
All our pups are sold with a FCI and ISDS pedigree and a DNA profile, Also every pup will be DNA tested before leaving with a full DNA package of MYDOGDNA 
So you will know for sure if your pups will be clear or a carrier for SN and IGS.

We are looking only for serious future owners who will give our pups a perfect home, ofcourse we like it to see our dogs competing in diffrent kind of dogsports but in the end we want to see happy dogs who are beloved even if they end up not as their next ”superstar”. We also do not sell our pups to someone who want a special color, we expect from our puppy owners that they like a combination and what we do, then it doesn’t matter if a pup has tan marks or not. Even we will not sell our puppies based on the DNA results of the puppies, as breeder we choose the perfect pup and then a DNA result of carrier will not affect our goals with the dog.

If you are interested already in a puppy from Sky, you can contact us by sending a introduction email to and we will tell you everything you want and need to know!