ice van de weimeniershoeve



Ice came into my life when he was 2.5 years old and soon it was clear that he had no perfect start in his first new home.He was absolutely focussed on the ball, hard to distract him from it and it seemed like he had some worse experiences with the leash, too. He started to panic as soon as the leash ended his full length or moved too much. Agility and obedience were scary so I  started to train him like I would start with an 8 weeks old puppy. Ice never showed his qualities in dogsports, but I am sure he would have been a great dog in agility (or any other sport) if he had an other start with 8 weeks: with someone who gave him trust and a happy family…

Ice is a stable, balanced boy in daily life: Not afraid of cars, children, animals, sounds or whatever and he loves women (with men it is more difficult, they sometimes still scare him). He knows the dog behaviours really good and would never start a fight with an other dog! When I started herding with him, I saw an amazing dog with so much will to please. He can handle the pressure of herding and stays focussed on his work. I had no experience with herding a that time, so I never trained him full. He is doing only instinct things. After having Ice a year at our place we got the first requests of using him as a studdog -he had already 2 litters before. Two tries without success showed me that Ice is not ready for it at that moment.

The next years he changed so good in character and started to trust me. He showed that he is a really relaxed, unhurried boy, who is happy with water and going for long walks. A boy who loves working together: be it training agility for fun, learning new tricks or herding and is now always giving his best for me. 
So I decided to give him an other chance when I got some new requests for mating and this time it worked. Today I know Ice is a studdog who only mates at the right time -no matter if progesteron says something else. Now he is a succesful studdog with some great puppies around the world. I always hoped that his offspring will show what a great dog Ice is inside and YES!! They are really fantastic trickdogs, amazing in agility and other dog sports and a lot of his offspring is showing real good work on sheep. All of them have a great character with much will to please. I think getting Ice in my life was the best thing I ever did!!!




               Basic information
Ice van de Weimeniershoeve Registration number:  NHSB 2899264
LOSH 1058195
Date of birth: 08 April 2009
Owner: Luc Smeets
Breeder: Georgette van de Gucht
Color: Chocolate merle
DNA profile: Progenus 104292
Teeth: All in, scissor
Size: 51cm
Weight: 19,0kg
               Clinical tests
ED(official): 0/0
OCD(official): 0/0
spine(unofficial): oke and normal
ECVO Annual eyetest:
clear '09, '10, '12, '13, '15, '16
Gonioscopia by vet: clear '09, '10, '15
               DNA tests
DNA TNS: normal
DNA IGS: normal
DNA SN: normal
DNA NCL: normal
DNA MDR1: normal
DNA RS: normal
DNA GG: carrier
DNA HUU: normal
DNA MC: normal
DNA MH: normal
DNA DM: normal
DNA EAOD: carrier

               DNA coat and color
DNA A-locus: aw/at
DNA B-locus: b/b
DNA K-locus: Kb/ky
DNA D-locus: D/D
DNA E-locus: E/E
DNA M-locus: M/m (merle)
DNA coat-lenght: l/l (long coat)
DNA curly coat: C/C

For Ice his offspring outside our kennel:
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