our breeding thoughts

and how our pups are raised


Our breeding goals are simple, we want to breed healthy dogs with a great character and a big “will to please”.

For us the border collie is an allround-talent who is beside the passion for herding as well interested in several dogsports. Even if we are happy to see our dogs working on sheep, it is important to us that they can easily adapt themselves to every other sport. In the litters born here we give our best to let them acquire all the skills to become good sheepdogs. More important than winning championships and titles is a beloved home where our puppies can grow to amazing happy dogs.

Breeding is not always easy, every breeder has his own standard and goals. Dogs need to be seen objective with all their strengths and weaks. Decisions have to be made with as much (actual) knowledge about lines and health risks as possible.Therefor all the dogs that we use for breeding are tested in all aspects of health that we consider to be important.They have been DNA tested for TNS, CEA, IGS, MDR1, NCL, MH, HUU, DM, RS, GG, SN, MC and EAOD. We are open minded for new tests in the future. Furthermore our dogs are x-rayed for HD, ED, OCD (SD) and spine, they get their regular ECVO eye test and gonioscopia. Our kennel will never intentionally breed with two carriers of a disease. And for the present we will only breed with dogs who have HD-A or B and are tested for ED/OCD and spine
( outside studdogs not always )


Our pups will spend their first weeks in our home, they are part of the family and we will take an enormous amount of care with them. They will grow up in the middle of our own pack with all the daily noises. We start feeding raw meat around the age of 3 weeks and initiate also their toilet training as soon as possible. We strive to work quite soon on their balance and coordination. Something which, in our view, is of big importance for a border collie. Prospective puppy buyers can come and visit the pups from 2 weeks of age on (as long as their mother is in agreement with this arrangement). We encourage this because we think that the extraordinary band which grows between a puppy and ’their’ person forms early on. Once the pups are old enough to go outside they will be able to explore the garden and either together or on their own. They will meet different dogs and people in these weeks and make first trips with the car. The puppies receive a FCI/ISDS pedigree and a DNA profile, they will also be chipped and dewormed three times before they move in to their new homes. Due to the european law it is possible for the puppies to stay at our kennel with their mother until they are 15 weeks old and have received their full quota of puppy injections.

We don’t want to simply sell puppies, but we want to raise a new generation of well socialized dogs. Therefor we do our best to give the puppies the best start into life. With moving out into their new homes this task has to be continued by their new owners.

Of course we would like to stay in contact with all our puppy (and studdog’s puppy) owners, Wee will always be available for help and advice if requested. Just feel free to contact us every time! 😉