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Caz was not really planned but because I really appreciate both of his parents I could not resist a puppy when it turned out that there were still a few males available. Caz lived for the first 20 months in a fosterhome and came to live with me on 21st August 2017.

He has developed as I hoped he would be. Very fast and a little crazy in agility but super concentrated in herding where he has a super nice natural balance. The plan was to train Caz in agility, but I have decided to do only  herding, in my opinion he has a lot of potential. Caz has a lot of ” eye ” that he knows how to handle today.

What is typical for Caz is that he can sit on the couch all day and at the moment there is action, he picks up a toy, runs back on the couch and snatches on it. This makes him a special dog to my other dogs. But I think this is also a very nice feature of him haha.

Caz is our non-starter. May 2018 he ran into a tree and dislocated his hip and they had to remove a part of his acetabulum. Sadly his hip dislocated again and he needed to undergo a second surgery. This time they removed the whole acetabulum. This all happens while he was on vacation.

02 August 2019:

When Caz got a special bound with one of my puppy owners I decided that it would be better for Caz that he would stay forever at this place, so in spring 2018 Caz moved to this home and what a shame this became also his death…. In March 2019 I saw Caz and Ready and I had a really hard talk with the owner in that time as Caz was still my dog and for my taste the dogs are waaay to skinny,, I told this person that I would take Caz back if nothing changed, A good story came around and I trusted those ” puppy eyes ” and let Caz and Ready at that place, Today I got the message that Caz died because of he was poisened and a strange story of how this person found Caz gave me a very strong underbelly feeling. I aked were Caz was and after 2 days with some presure I got finaly the final information. I picked Caz up and drove to my own vet were he was checked for underfeeding as I asked it. Caz never eats something from the ground so i was 99% for sure he was not poisended… My vet called me the same day that Caz died of underfeeding and that his weight was 8,4 !!!!! Kilo!! For Caz we could’t do anything but we could save the other 2 dogs, one of them was my own puppy Ready. With a fantastic team of people who the owner trusted I got all the information to get finaly to this person as the german Vet.amt didn’t do anything when I wanted to do it by a official way. 

Caz offered his own life to safe 2 other dogs and that is the biggest gift he could give! 

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Borders at Work Tim
NHSB 3027095
ISDS NL/341882
17 December 2015
02 August 2019 ( 3 years and 7 months )
Luc Smeets
Wiet van Dongen
black and white, mottled

not tested
free 2017
all in, not a perfect bite
both ok, neutered



Offspring Caz

19 October 2017 I got a message that there was born a litter border collies at the place where Caz lived. for 99% I’m sure Caz is the father of this litter because there are some mottled puppies and there is only one other male and that is a dutch shepherd. The pups where born at 08 October 2017.. That means I got this message 1,5 week after birth. The mother is a border collie without a pedigree.

My breeding goals are simple that my males never will mate before they are full health tested and ofcourse NEVER will mate a border collie without a pedigree! I will place here a picture of the pups but that is everything I will post about it.

I didn’t know about a mating or even that there will be pups. There are 6 pups born 3x Blue merle and 3x black and white ( mottled )