borders at work kilay



After deciding not to breed with Yoni anymore I searched for a puppy out of a full workingline combination. The father is BaW Sean, the male I used for Yoni’s litter and her mother is BaW Floss. I was waiting for a stunning blue merle girl, but when I saw Kilay I was completely in love.

Kilay grew up to a fast, crazy young girl who is really smart and loves to work with someone. Besides the typical spooky phases in the first year, she was always easy. Today she is a girl who really knows what she wants and that is no “wannabe admirer”. He would rather get to know her “bitchy” side 😀

 With Kilay I do agility. She is a crazy, high driven dog with a big will to please which make it fun to work with her. She learns quick and always thinks about what we are doing. In the parcours, she is focused on the obstacles and would never try to skip one. She works for toys as well as for food. Typical for Kilay is standing on the contact zones tripping with her hindlegs all the time and wagging her tail  😀 In herding Kilay shows a lot of style, our goal is to once participate in a trial.Unfortunately there is not that much time for training at the moment, but I hope this will change soon.

Sometimes it feels like it has to be that Kilay passed all her health results with excellent results so that I started to think about a stud for her. She continues the line I already started with. I didn’t keep a puppy out of my first litter, but Kilay is a halfsister (through Sean) to them. I want to keep more herding instinct in the lines I breed, Kilay makes that easier.

For the breeding license we have to show Kilay on dogshows and it was hard work to teach this nimble girl to stand nice for a while. But we managed it and on her first show she already proved that she can act like a real showdog.

Kilay gave us 2 litters of total 12 pups, she was a great mom and had 2 easy births. as 2 of her litter sibbling gave both 1 pup with epileptic seizures, this is reason enough to take her out of breeding. Ofcourse we did our best to breed 2 healthy litters and I still trust my instinct and knowlege about lines, but I can no longer give a guarantee so a 3th litter is a no go. Hopefully the luck is on our side and we can breed a litter with her daughers, Gale and Glenn ones



               Basic information
Borders at Work Kilay Registration number: 
NHSB 3004254
VDH/ZBrH BOC 21187 I
SDS NL/338303 Date of birth: 12 May 2015 Owner: Luc Smeets
Breeder: Wiet van Dongen
Color: Black and white
DNA profile: ISAG2006, H102832
Teeth: All in, scissor
Size: 52cm
Weight: 16,4kg

               Clinical tests
ED(unofficial): 0/0
OCD(unofficial): 0/0
spine(unofficial): normal and clear
ECVO Annual eyetest:
clear '16 '18
Gonioscopia by vet: clear '16

               DNA tests
DNA TNS: normal
DNA IGS: normal
DNA SN: normal
DNA NCL: normal
DNA MDR1: normal
DNA RS: normal
DNA GG: normal
DNA HUU: normal
DNA MC: normal
DNA MH: normal
DNA DM: normal
DNA EAOD: normal

               DNA coat and color
DNA A-locus: aw/at
DNA B-locus: B/B
DNA K-locus: KB/ky
DNA D-locus: D/d
DNA E-locus: E/E
DNA M-locus: m/m (no merle)
DNA coat-lenght: l/l (long coat)
DNA curly coat: C/T (curly coat)