agility fever from dutch pepper



If someone told me that you can love and hate someone at the same time I would have thought that person is insane… until I got Yoni…

Everything started after visiting a litter of puppies (I really like their dad: NOYTCB Mystic Fantom). Two of the puppies came to live close to me, I saw them every week and they grew up to amazing dogs. The breeder of this litter kept a female and when she got puppies, the breeder contacted me that I could have one of the black and white females if I want. At that time I was looking for a working line border collie, but I coudn’t resist to get a grandchild of Fantom. I knew the pedigree really well and alot of amazing agility dogs.

So on 25 january 2012 ”Agility Fever From Dutch Pepper ” was born.
When Yoni moved in I started full of energy with basic puppy tricks using the clicker method. She was interested as she found out that she can get some food, but she had always her own mind and so it happend more than once that Yoni decided to take a nap after two clicks.. I never saw a dog falling asleep while clicker training!!

To make a long story short: After a year of working hard to get a connection she started finally to work with me and we decided to start with agility. She became a really crazy, loud girl and still loved to do her own thing. Did you ever saw a dog trying to go under the bar (even when it was only on 10cm) instead of jumping?? Well, Yoni did. And it took me 4 weeks to convince her of jumping OVER it.
But I love Yoni for her strong personality. She became my once in a lifetime dog.She wants to cuddle every time and follows me everywhere. We know exactly when the other is feeling down and she hovers over me all this time.

I really knew Yoni would give me some nice puppies and after all testings in that time, I decide to breed a litter with her because she had so much nice talents. It costed me more then a year to find a dog who can balance her weaks and increas her strongs. and I finally found this dog in the netherlands (not far away from where I lived then). I can tell you that all 3 puppies are amazing!

Two are a nice mix out of mom and dad, the other one reminds me a lot of Yoni -after a year of hard work she is like her mom. All three are succesful in agility, dogfrisbee and/or herding. 

In the time from 2017 to 2019 Yoni went more and more deaf, in Agility a simple clear round was more and more difficult, as weaves are getting a problem and also sending, Since 2020 I will still run competitions with her but now in the veteran class as she doesn’t have to think also about the hight of jumping. Why should we stop the things we both love so much. We changed our goals and enjoying every run together as long she is fit enough to run.

Unfortunately it won’t give another litter with Yoni. There were some epilepsy cases in her pedigree made the risk too high. But I am really proud of her offspring and thankful that Yoni was there to let this dream come true.



               Basic information
Agility Fever From Dutch Pepper Registration number: 
NHSB 2869302
VDH/ZBrH BOC 21186
Date of birth: 25 Januar 2012
Owner: Luc Smeets
Breeder : Jessica Peperkamp
Color: Black and white
DNA profile: ISAG2006, H102832
Teeth: Missing P1, scissor
Size: 44,5cm
Weight: 11,8kg

               Clinical tests
ED(unofficial): -
OCD(unofficial): -
spine(unofficial): -
ECVO Annual eyetest:
clear '14
Gonioscopia by vet: -
B.E.A.R test: Left: normal hearing,
(03-04-2018) Right: hearing lost

               DNA tests
DNA TNS: normal
DNA IGS: normal
DNA SN: normal
DNA NCL: normal
DNA MDR1: normal
DNA RS: normal
DNA GG: normal
DNA HUU: normal
DNA MC: normal
DNA MH: normal
DNA DM: normal
DNA EAOD: at risk/affected

               DNA coat and color
DNA A-locus: at/at
DNA B-locus: B/b
DNA K-locus: KB/KB
DNA D-locus: D/D
DNA E-locus: E/E
DNA M-locus: m/m (no merle)
DNA coat-lenght: l/l (long coat)
DNA curly coat: C/C (non curly coat)