Of Beyonic Eyes

Working Border Collies

Kennelday 2018

On 6 Mai 2018 we had our first kennelday! What a lovely day to see so many puppies back. Here you see a overvriew of the day. We had some fun with frisbees and balance stuff.

Kennelwalk 2018

Also on 21 October 2018 we had a kennelwalk. On this day 6 of the 9 puppies we bred until then were there and also 2 offspring of Ice came over. We ended up at our place with a lot of food and drinks.

5 year anniversary

01 December 2019 our litter from Yoni and Sean celebrates their 5th birthday. So that means our kennel excist already 5 years. We want to celebrate it and later you will find more info here.